Let's talk digital

Below is an overview of our services. We can support from A-Z in projects or provide specific support where needed. From high level strategy to the effective execution of performance marketing campaigns, we are ready for you.


Digital transformation

Digitong helps to roll out your business to the modern, digital approach of marketing & advertising. We look at what channels, processes, developments are all useful to solve your challenges.

Omnichannel strategy

We are ready to give strategic advice on every marketing challenge within your organization. Fully stand alone or in cooperation with your marketing team, we choose the best solutions for the available budget.


It is not always easy to find the perfect mix between the different (digital) marketing channels. Fortunately, Digitong has already had years of experience in various disciplines. This is how we work together to the ideal media plan for your company.


Everything we do is fully in function of a maximum result from the available marketing budget. We help you to generate more revenue and achieve business goals. To make marketing a profitable story rather than a cost item.

From Google Ads to Social Media Marketing: We put together a mix that fits your company and leads to results. By combining the right knowledge with the right tools.


To reach the right audience, we spread your message on the right channel and the right time. Through constant measurement and adjusting we achieve the highest possible ROI.

Analytics & Insights

By cleverly analyzing data, we help our customers make informed decisions in favor of their clients and their business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With the help of technical and substantive optimisation we ensure maximum relevance and result in organic search results.

Dashboards & Reporting

We transform raw data into operational marketing dashboards and strategic KPI reports. We use the insights we get from these reports to make new decisions.


Discover How we can optimize your online marketing campaigns with automation > > Https://


Let Digitong examine your current online marketing campaigns. We deliver an audit document with our analysis and identify possible points of improvement that you can implement, or let us carry out.


Digitong is specialized in everything concerning Digital Marketing, that's why we are the ideal partner to help you on your way in the digital landscape. Available training = SEASEO, Social Advertising, Google Analytics.