Our courses in plain language help you to manage campaigns and forms of insights within all digital channels.

Digitong is specialized in everything that concerns digital Marketing, which is why we are the ideal partner to help you on your way in the digital landscape. Available training = SEA, SEO, Social advertising, Google Analytics.

Courses currently available:

Google Ads (SEA)

Google Analytics

Facebook Advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How we work

We always keep a private workshop customized to your needs, so that all your questions are answered and we have time to go in depth.

All workshops are given by Möbius Franssen. In advance we discuss together the topics, the number of participants, their insider knowledge and the expectations. Based on this, Digitong sets up an agenda and plans the workshop.

Depending on your availabilities and demand, the online marketing workshop covers 1 or more sessions. The workshops will continue in your company or at a chosen location.

To the Point

No boring and hours-long presentations, we will work together with specific examples of your business and carry out a lot of works, even during the workshop itself. So make sure you have a computer at your disposal and access to all your accounts. We dive in immediately!