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Marketing automation

Marketing automation keeps your leads warm and makes them more likely to purchase. OOur digital marketing specialists are happy to help you build and maintain customer relationships.

Marketing automation software such as Hubspot, Sharpspring, Mailchimp, etc... qualifies large numbers of leads and approaches them with a personalized message. And all this automated. Pure time savings and very efficient! Everything starts with splitting up your target group into segments and defining a strategy to approach these target group segments.


Customer journey mapping

To create an optimal customer experience, weak links in the 'customer journey' be mapped out. Every customer is different. That's why we start by defining personas. How do these different types of customers move through the sales funnel? At which touch points - contact moments - do they disconnect? Based on this, you stick a number on their forehead - a lead score - which indicates the chance of conversion. On the basis of this score, the most appropriate marketing strategy can be linked to each lead and you can always reach them with a personalized message. With targeted messages you want to guide your potential customers further into the sales funnel and thus prevent them from dropping out. 



Dhe right content for the right person at the right time

Only with relevant messages will you draw leads across the sales tunnel finish line. Marketing automation software always provides answers to all their questions when they need them. From e-mails, landing pages, websites to blogs: every word and image has to be adapted to the reader. Predefined flows provide automatic scenarios based on the online behaviour of your target group or specific events. So will Prospects move through the sales tunnel faster and there is always an automated follow-up.

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