The how and the what

Digitong is more than a digital marketing agency. We are a strategic partner. We help you generate more revenue and achieve business goals. By being smart about data, we always help our clients make informed decisions for the benefit of their customers and their business.

Marketing strategy funnel A-I-D-A

The right focus

Clearly defined and achievable objectives are a must for a successful marketing strategy. On this basis, we determine KPIs so that we can always report clearly and make targeted adjustments. Once we know where the focus lies, we can think about the strategy.

Your target group, is the basis of a good marketing strategy

To do this, we map out customer journeys. That is the so-called journey every consumer goes through before they proceed to the effective purchase of a product or service. On that basis, we work out an effective online strategy that guides your target group completely through the customer journey. By mapping those journeys and identifying the specific phase customers are in, we can always spread your message to the right person on the right channel and at the right time. 

It is important to deploy the right marketing mix

To choose the right resources that will get you maximum ROI. Our team is at home in various markets and knows perfectly which resources to use for which business. From SEO and SEA until Display Advertising, Shopping Campaigns, Social Media Advertising, Video Advertising And much more: we put together a mix that suits your company and leads to results.

Digital marketing specialist

"Good marketing shows how smart your business is. Better marketing makes your customers feel smart."

Looking for a strategic partner?

Results-driven marketing, progressive development, user-friendly design & compelling video. Always based on a thoughtful business strategy.

Our digital marketing specialists take over everything and ensure that every part of the marketing strategy is accurately executed and monitored.

We don't bite

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