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Video has become indispensable for putting your brand on the map

An authentic video creation on your socials, website or as an advertisement can have a huge impact on the image and success of your brand. Videos are very effective for creating engagement, loyalty and lasting customer relationships. If the video creation reaches your target audience and strikes the right chord, that is. Don't worry, our video experts will help you create compelling video content according to the rules of the art.

Chart on details of Video Creation

Digitong is at your service

Our video creators really bring your story to life with a professional video. But your video is not alone. About 70% of online content consists of video. So video is everywhere, so to speak. So how can you, as a brand, convince your target audience to take a moment to consider your content?

We guide your video production from A to Z. Everything starts with a strategy and a penalty script. As soon as this is ready, a professional shoot follows. The raw materials (image, voice over, music) are then edited. We will be happy to put together a great video for you.

Digital Marketing & Video Creative films a facial cleansing on a woman.

Possible formats:

  • Animation
  • Corporate film
  • Drone Video
  • Social Media Video
  • Event Video
  • Testimonial
  • Product Video
  • And so much more...
Video Creative

"The 'play' button is the most attractive call-to-action button on the Web."

In the spotlight

Does your corporate image or brand awareness need a boost? Want to launch a new product or bring one of your brands more strongly to the attention of your target audiences.

Putting your brand in the picture together? Depending on your needs, we draw up a branding and/or marketing strategy customized and with impact!

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