Employer brand

Building an attractive employer image

If you want to retain young talent and driven experts today, you need to give them a clear reason why it pays to be (or stay) part of your company. Employer branding can help with this. Central to this are the norms and values that make you unique as a company. They create an attractive employer image that ultimately answers the question, "Why should I work for you?"

What & Why

Simply put, this means that as a company you are also a brand as an employer. That starts with a clear positioning as an employer and developing a strategy to communicate your strengths internally and externally. The end goal? Engage and activate existing employees while attracting new employees who can identify with your company down to the last detail.

The Importance of Employer Branding

Within 5 years you want to be the best in the market or in 10 years the biggest. Double in efficiency every year. Whatever your business goal is: you will only achieve it with the help of your employees. You can invest so much money in the best hardware or software, but ultimately it's your people who keep everything running. After all, the success of a company is ultimately the sum of the success of all its employees.

Do you want to grow as a company? Then your employees must grow as well. Is your company happy? Then thanks to happy employees. Is your company known for its clear message? Then know that you owe it to a team that believes in your vision and carries it with them in everything they do. The key to sustainable growth is employees who truly fit in with your company, belong to you and believe in the same message. On one hand, this shared intrinsic motivation will create a strong team spirit and more pleasant work atmosphere. But on the other hand, it will also increase employees' willingness to perform, leading directly to better work results.

The big question: how do you find these intrinsically motivated employees? And here is often the pitfall. You can't force them to come to you. They come to you at their own pace, through their own path. Because they want to. This is the shift we have to be extremely mindful of. Lots of blather and hollow promises only trigger the extrinsic motivation of a potential candidate. All just for the short term. Long term is the way to go. Never mind the "War for Talent. Attract and retain the right profiles, at the right time. Sustainable recruitment is key! Dare to invest in human capital, regardless of all needs.

The benefits

More efficient intake of new talent

Together we work on your online presence and on optimizing your application process so that candidates find their way to you more easily. We also get your story right and work on an influx of candidates who are genuinely interested. Higher chances of success, check!

Increased engagement & better retention

With an employer brand, not only do you and management become even prouder of your company, everyone in the workplace feels proud to work for such a top company. There is also a clear link between investing in employer brand and engagement, you are 130%* more likely to increase employee engagement if you invest in employer branding. According to LinkedIn, this reduces employee turnover by 28%.

Investing in the growth of your business

It is your colleagues who make your company. A good team and a positive work atmosphere make for a higher willingness to perform and less absenteeism.
Nice bonus: motivated employees also increase customer satisfaction. After all, the positivity your people exude is contagious!

New talent is more suitable talent

Think of employer branding as a kind of filter. Because you position yourself clearly, only a certain target group feels addressed.
From research by Gartner shows that companies that invest in employer branding observe a 54 percent increase in well-qualified candidates. Moreover, this way you also minimize the risk of a mismatch.

Ambassadors of your employer brand

With strong employer branding and a thoughtfully constructed employer image, you also increase the engagement and involvement of your current employees. This way you reduce the outflow of motivated talent and give your retention a serious boost. Even more: you allow your employees to become real ambassadors of your employer brand.

Strategic brand designer

"We make sure that you as an employer are put on the map with good job market communication, a clear strategy and a good concept "

To win externally is to start internally

Employer branding, building your brand as an employer is creating and maintaining a positive image or reputation of a company or organization as an employer for current and potential employees, candidates and job applicants.

Employer branding is the a tool that allows you to bind, fascinate and engage current employees and recruit potential employees.

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