Digitong Growth Approach (DGA).

Traditional routes are outdated. DGA is a new data-driven approach to efficiently launch and grow websites.

With traditional processes, costs can add up, and deadlines can be delayed. Moreover, the results are often unpredictable. That's why we created a new, unique approach. The Digitong Growth Approach.

What is the Digitong Growth Approach (DGA)?

Imagine this: you need a new website for your business, but instead of investing a large amount of time and money in a website whose results are still uncertain, you choose to develop and improve the website incrementally based on data and user feedback in order to improve the Increase ROI tremendously. That's exactly what our Growth Approach is all about.

DGA is an iterative approach with 3 stages for creating efficiency and growth. It's a smarter one, growth-driven approach to launching Web sites.

A major advantage of DGA over a traditional track: it is the much more flexible and efficient. Going live faster with minimal requirements also allows you to gather data and feedback from users faster, allowing you to keep improving the website.

Is this what you're looking for? Then our Growth Approach may be for you. By gradually working to improve the website based on data and feedback, you can ensure that the website meets the needs of your target audience, without costing an arm and a leg on features that later turn out not to be worthwhile.

1. Strategy

We like to know who we are sitting around the table with. Together we map out not only your wishes and goals, but also your target group, your key-problems, your "needs and fears." We will schedule targeted workshops to get to the heart of the matter and draw up a transparent schedule.

2. Launch Pad

We quickly and efficiently build a website whose primary objective is to be better than your current solution. So the Launch Pad is not yet a final product, but the foundation from which we later collect and optimize data. In this way we shorten lead times, ensure a faster ROI, and faster growth.

3. Growth Track

Analyze, implement, evaluate, and repeat. In this phase, we use recurring sprints in which we first prioritize the plans and ideas. Then we build and test the discussed issues. Last but not least, we measure and collect insights in order to repeat this process, and thus perpetuate growth.

Digitong Growth Approach


Through our years of experience, we have developed a unique process by which we can efficiently deliver the best version of a website, and grow it. By combining the greatest benefits from Agile, (Scrum and Kanban) and Lean methodologies and transforming them into a optimized growth-driven trajectory, we can safely say that we are the partner for your online growth.


  • Little management
  • Difficult to be flexible (frustration)
  • Budget may start small but rises quickly


  • A lot of management
  • Flexible, without frustration
  • High budgets


  • Sufficient management
  • Flexible, without frustration
  • Clear, predetermined budgets for startup and growth trajectory


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