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There is an abundance of content on social media. And that overkill means that only a fraction of the content gets noticed. So how can you make sure that your message stands out in that content mountain? More than ever, a strong content strategy and quality content are the keys to success. And that's where our digital marketing specialists come in. We always provide the right social media content that informs, inspires and converts.

Strong social content hinges on the right strategy

Before you can develop content in concrete terms, you need a solid plan of action. Together, we set the lines by answering some crucial questions.

What goals do you hope to achieve with your social media content?

Often (perhaps too often), social content is used purely as a communication tool. But the goal can just as easily be branding. Or you can use it to generate leads, attract new employees and boost sales. Based on what you want to achieve, we put together the ideal content mix. Each time you use a certain type of content (inspiration, education, information, promotion,...) with a certain goal.

What is the DNA of your brand? How do you want to market your brand?

Social media content is the way to show what your company stands for. It allows your company to build a personality, to have its own face and voice. The story your company tells on social media colors your brand with prospects, job applicants, your own employees or existing customers.

Who is your target audience? And which channels most closely match your target audience(s)?

When creating social content and choosing the right channels, always start from the target audience. By having a clearly defined picture of the target group (their demographics, language usage, what they like...) you avoid wasted efforts. Relevance to your target audience is always paramount. The more closely you align your content with your target audience's world, the more likely they will be on board with the story you are telling.

Content planning is an absolute must

Once the social media strategy has been outlined, content creation begins. We draw up a content planning in which we indicate which content will be distributed when and on which channels. Our designers always accompany the messages with good visuals or videos. We spread the content punctually and ensure a constant presence to stay top-of-mind with your target group(s).


Test, measure, adjust, repeat!

Content is never really "done," and that's just the fascinating part of this story. Bringing enough variety to your content will give you insight into what your target audience responds best to. That's why we provide a nice content mix, test what works best and constantly adjust the content plan.

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