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Digitong draws a line in your company's online communication. Our experts help you with quick wins, but also with a strategic plan, a clear final destination and direction your company should take. Wondering how we approach this?


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Branding starts with a clear message that sets your company apart from the competition. With a clear story, we add depth and substance to your brand, create engagement and ultimately more sales. Ready to get to work together?


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Establishing a good digital ecosystem is key to your business. We are your development agency in a digital world. The user is always leading. Curious about how we make your website, shop or campaigns work together perfectly?


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We live in a digital world that is constantly evolving and with it consumer behavior and expectations. As a digital marketing agency, this enables us to connect people and businesses. Wondering how we do this?


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We're data-driven and believe in transparancy, so here are some numbers:


We manage various advertising accounts and websites for more than 100 customers.

Advertising budget

With a monthly ad budget of €350k, we deploy over €4,000,000 annually across all different advertising channels.


We achieve an average return of €6.32 on every euro of advertising budget. 


About €26,000,000 in sales were generated thanks to our campaigns last year.

Our approach

In order to find an appropriate strategy to achieve your goals, we first like to make an analysis of the current situation. With this information, our experts get to work, continue to systematically optimize and report data. We analyze this data to determine the strategy for the next period. We design your digital journey.

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"We help companies be successful with a digital strategy."


Urban Nails

Urban Nails

A dated look and feel, substandard usability, too slow loading speed, lack of SEO optimizations, messy URL structures... Urban Nails knocked on Digitong's door for a brand new website. And we, we did our thing.

Vandersanden Lawyers

Vandersanden Lawyers

Vandersanden Advocaten is a family law firm in Bilzen with expertise in liability law, traffic, insurance law and debt collection.

ICI Paris XL

ICI Paris XL

Just like your skincare routine, your ads and their account structures deserve the best care. ICI Paris XL is a well-known player in the cosmetics market. For that reason, ICI Paris enlisted our help.

Meet the guys and gals

A dedicated group of very curious people

We are a diverse group of specialists with one clear goal: create top-notch work and grow together. We come from different backgrounds and we have different talents and skills. We are connected by our passion for strong digital work and our empathy. 

Happy Customers

Case: TomorrowlandCase: BullswapCase: Visit LimburgCase: Ici Paris XLCase: FarmalineCase: KambukkaCase: Medapp

Case: publishing house averbodeCase: ViataCase: VestioCase: EurorentCase: The Smiling CookCase: UAU collectiveCase: Rave Rebels


Bullswap - PPC in a conservative sector

Bullswap is the online rental platform for construction equipment. Their website gives easy access to more than 50000 high-quality machines offered by a network of professional rental companies. By digitizing, they want to relieve users during the entire rental process. Bullswap is active in the Benelux and has a partner network of more than 200 suppliers. By focusing on unburdening, they have grown from start-up to scale-up since their inception in 2018.

Discover how we were able to build a success story with Bullswap in this case study.

Our Partners

A direct line to the Google, Meta and Microsoft team. Check. And as a partner with them, we're happy to help you with exclusive insights and access to beta features. Also, our network ensures that in addition to digital marketing expertise, we can also deliver fully integrated campaigns, with a single point of contact, without additional costs or commissions. Let's play golf!

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Obtained certifications from Google, Meta, Microsoft, TikTok and Hubspot. And certificates obtained in event marketing, job advertising, Vlerick Business School, Voka Bryo StartUp and so much more. You name it. We have it all. That together with the skills of our experts will help your business grow. Let's grow together.

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