Online Marketing

That's finger lickin' good!

We're data-driven and believe in transparancy, so here are some numbers:


We manage more than 75 different advertising accounts for our customers.

Monthly management

Monthly, we use more than 6 figures as performant as possible on the various advertising channels.



Our webshops achieve an average return of €5 on every euro of advertising budget.


More than €2,000,000 in e-commerce revenue has been generated over the past year thanks to our campaigns.

"Digitong has 10+ years of experience in (digital) marketing services & strategy. From local SME's to international enterprises."


About Digitong


Digital rolls off our tongues. Read more
about our philosophy and discover why we
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Our approach

It is important to use the right marketing mix; to choose the right resources that will give you a maximum ROI deliver. Our team is familiar with various markets and knows perfectly which resources to deploy for which business. From SEO and SEA to bannering & remarketing, Google Shopping, Social Media, video advertising and much more. We put together a mix that suits your business and leads to the desired result.


Our references


Below are a number of projects for which we have set up & optimised successful campaigns in the past. In addition to these projects Digitong has experience with national and international campaigns across several verticals, contact us for info on all projects. »