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Making a good first impression is important to convince customers of your abilities. Since a website is your company's online business card, this is one of the most important places to convince customers.

Are you looking for a customized website? Then you're in the right place! We love nothing more than inventing, designing and developing. A good website is your company's online business card, but it's not just a communication channel. You want visitors to your website to perform a certain action, a conversion. This could be filling out a form, requesting a quote or booking a trip. Therefore, based on your vision and our expertise, we determine together which goals your website has and which call-to-action is best added. Together with you we develop a stable, future-oriented website and after going live we work on further online growth and optimization.

what do we offer?

WordPress CMS

We set up a complete WordPress environment for you where all the magic happens.

Hosting and maintenance

Once we have launched the website, we provide monthly maintenance.

UX/UI Design

Throughout the design process, we take into account the latest UX and UI trends and apply them.

SEO optimisation

Together with the marketing team, we research leads, conversion and SEO optimization on your website.

Simple structure

You can easily add and edit pages.

A tailor-made design

We provide a design that is tailored to your organisation.

Flexible solution

Not entirely convinced by the design? We'll work with you to find a solution.

Support & assistance

Do you have a problem on your website? Contact us 24/7.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). This means that our customers can change the content of their website in a relatively simple way, without the need for technical knowledge. In short, perfect for customization and very user-friendly.

Why WordPress as a CMS?

Our websites are built with the WordPress content management system, which is designed so that you can easily manage the content of your website afterwards. The WordPress CMS is the most user-friendly open source CMS on the market. We develop a WordPress website for your company, which you can then easily fill or update yourself. By default, WordPress is already well designed for search engines and offers the possibility to further optimise the findability.



Thanks to our own website editor, customised designs and plug-ins, the workflow is accelerated. We can reuse and easily shape blocks over and over.


Search engine friendly

WordPress is very search engine friendly, WordPress automatically generates title tags and meta descriptions for all your pages and articles. This notifies search engines of your content, making it indexed and potentially higher in the rankings. In addition, there are numerous excellent SEO plug-ins that we take full advantage of to make your website very search engine friendly.



WordPress sites are hosting and web design independent. This means that if your previous website was also made in WordPress, we can easily merge your website and continue working on it. With WordPress we can also easily import your current blog posts into the new cms environment.

Is WordPress the right CMS for my business?

For sure! WordPress is suitable for all types of websites. From simple websites to extensive webshops, you will not easily run into limitations. Once your website is online you can still make changes yourself, this ensures that your website is continuously up to date.

growth approach

Through our years of experience, we have developed a unique process by which we can efficiently deliver the best version of a website, and grow it. By combining the greatest benefits from Agile, (Scrum and Kanban) and Lean methodologies and transforming them into a optimized growth-driven trajectory, we can safely say that we are the partner for your online growth.

1. Strategy

We like to know who we are sitting around the table with. Together we map out not only your wishes and goals, but also your target group, your key-problems, your "needs and fears." We will schedule targeted workshops to get to the heart of the matter and draw up a transparent schedule.

2. Launch pad

We quickly and efficiently build a website whose primary objective is to be better than your current solution. So the Launch Pad is not yet a final product, but the foundation from which we later collect and optimize data. In this way we shorten lead times, ensure a faster ROI, and faster growth.

3. Growth

Analyze, implement, evaluate, and repeat. In this phase, we use recurring sprints in which we first prioritize the plans and ideas. Then we build and test the discussed issues. Last but not least, we measure and collect insights in order to repeat this process, and thus perpetuate growth.

Lead digital design

"The launch of your website is not an end, but a beginning. We continue to work on online growth and optimization."

Are you looking for a customized website?

Then you're in the right place! We love nothing more than inventing, designing and developing unique websites.

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Leave a message. Our experts will look at the possibilities for your business, without any obligation.