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SEO stands for Search engine optimization, or search engine optimization, SEO makes it easier for you to be found in Google's search results. SEO can drive "free" traffic to your website, so it is definitely important to pay adequate attention to it.

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Want to rank higher in Google's search results? Then you can do this by optimizing your website. Specifically, this means improving On-page & Off-page SEO, Local SEO, Website performance and technical SEO. There are all kinds of optimizations you can apply to your website or webshop to rank higher organically in search engines such as Google and Bing.

75% only visit the first page of Google results. That's why SEO is so important. If your business is not on the first page, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers, organic traffic and sales.

SEO takes time. You can't expect to rank at the top of Google overnight. You have to earn your place at the top. That's why we more often see long-term results. To rank and stay at the top, you will have to constantly work on your website or webshop, both technically and in terms of content. Digitong can help you with that.


Content is king

Good content on your website is vital, not just what you want to say but how you say it. Of course, "quality" is somewhat subjective. You may have heard many times that your message should be short and sweet. Google thinks the same way. Google determines the quality of content using complex algorithms. What Google looks for are texts that are strong in content and answer your target audience's questions concretely. Therefore, always write engaging content that interests your target audience, never write content for Google.

We just said that text should be short and sweet, but too little text on your web page is not good. If your content is not long enough, then Google is more likely to misunderstand the page. Which in turn will cause you to rank lower on Google. We recommend aiming for at least 1,000 words for standard blog posts, 2,000 for long-form content, and 300-500 for news articles or product pages. Therefore, keyword research is hugely important to get to at least 1,0000 words in a blog. Yoast (an SEO WordPress plugin) confirmed that longer text helps Google understand your content better.

Keyword research

A keyword research or keyword research is the first step for a successful SEO and SEA strategy. With this research, we find out what keywords people use when they search a search engine for certain products and services. This way you know what words your target audience uses and what questions they have. A keyword research makes it clear exactly what topics you need to write about. Once the most relevant keywords have been determined, it is important that they appear sufficiently in your web texts. Does this mean that you should just use the keywords as much as possible on your web page? No, Google will actually penalize this by ranking your website lower. A good way to make your keywords stand out more is to put them in headers and titles.

Web page structure

It is essential that web texts are easy to read and clear. Titles and intertitles with relevant keywords in them can help with this. Titles not only attract readers' attention, they also let search engines know what they should give the most importance to. Therefore, place your most important keywords in your titles. Our SEO specialists will first do a keyword research to find the right keywords for each web page. Then our SEO specialists make sure there is a good mix of head, mid and long tail keywords in your headers and titles.

Obviously, your website needs to be relevant not only to your visitors, but also to the search engines. Therefore, there are several techniques you can combine that will benefit your content as well as your SEO. Technical SEO is therefore also important to rank even better with Google.

(Your website) SEO optimization

Technical SEO makes your website crawlable for search engines. So your website should have a logical structure and information and URLs should be easy to read. Here are some technical issues that our SEO expert always tackle thoroughly:

  • Good site speed
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Meta titles & meta descriptions - pieces of text in your website's code that tell Google what a web page is about. 
  • Https protocol - Secure websites are rewarded and rank higher in Google's search results.
  • Link building - The more websites link to your website (backlinking), the more valuable your website becomes to Google and thus the higher you appear in search results.
  • Internal links increase user-friendliness and can positively influence your search results.
  • Website structure
  • Google Search Console / Bing Webmaster Tool
  • Alt and title attributes for images
  • Etc...

Are you comfortable with such an SEO journey?

Our specialists can take care of that. We always start with a thorough audit of your current website on following sectors:

  • General SEO
  • Website UX
  • Website performance
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO content
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Local SEO


Moreover, we also take a close look at the external factors that influence your ranking. This way, we draw up a list of areas for improvement and then pull out all the stops to make your website and pages rank higher in Google.

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"SEO takes time. You have to earn your place at the top."

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