Digital marketing can be overwhelming.

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It is important to deploy the right marketing mix, to choose the right resources that will get you maximum ROI. Our digital marketers are at home in various markets and know perfectly which resources to use for which business. Starting from an omnichannel strategy, we continue to work on the way forward. From SEO and SEA until Display Advertising, Shopping Campaigns, Social Media Advertising, Video Advertising and much more. We put together a mix that suits your company and leads to results.


Search Engine Advertising is paid advertising on search engines such as Google or Bing. This should definitely not be missing in your marketing mix if you know that about 75% of all website traffic comes from a Google search. With these search engine advertisements you can reach (potential) customers, exactly at the moment they are looking for your service or product. Our specialists will be happy to help you set up an SEA campaign that converts.

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Display Advertising

Display banners are a way to increase your brand awareness. They are also perfect for remarketing. Anyone who visits your website without taking any further action can be reached again with a targeted ad.

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Shopping / Performance max campaigns

With shopping/ Performance Max campaigns you can promote products from your webshop, so that (potential) customers know what you have to offer. People who are looking for such a product, will then see your offer of products with the corresponding price. And only when these people actually click on your ad you will pay a cost-per-click amount.

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Social Media Advertising

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. So chances are that your target audience is also present on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok or perhaps even LinkedIn. That is why we use social media advertising in a targeted way to successfully reach your target group.

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Video Advertising

By cleverly deploying video content through YouTube ads, for example, you can create a huge branding impact. With YouTube ads, you have a large reach and can target audiences based on their interests. This platform is ideal for creating awareness and engagement.

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Recruitment marketing

Looking for new recruits? But is that recruitment not that easy? No problem, we can reach the most suitable candidates and encourage them to apply. We do this thanks to a smart mix of channels and good content.

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SEO - search engine optimization - includes all kinds of activities you can apply to your website or web shop to rank organically higher in search engines such as Google and Bing. Why SEO is so important, since people have less and less time and thus want to find what they are looking for quickly. They often only scroll through the first page of search results. Do you show up later? Then you won't get much organic traffic to your website.

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Social Media Content

There is an abundance of content on social media. So how can you make sure that just your message stands out? More than ever, a strong content strategy and quality content are the keys to success. And our digital marketing specialists are here to help.

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Event & festival marketing

We are not averse to a good party at Digitong, and certainly not averse to marketing this party attractively to the right audiences. "An event without marketing, is like a pub without beer." So, are you organizing a festival or (big) event? 

With a healthy mix of social media and search engine advertising, we're going to reach your exact target audience. Using the most relevant content and compelling ads, we'll send everyone dancing all the way to the ticket store.

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At Digitong, we always work data-driven. Using Tracking, we map the entire ecosystem of your website. Who is buying your products or using your services? We can collect this data both on and offline. This data then forms the basis for further strategic decisions in the online marketing mix.

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Bring more structure and overview to your database. A CRM system supports your sales team and marketing as well as your customer service and accounting. The result? More sales and better customer relations.

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Found the right channel? Developed the right content? Created a super nice website? Super. But is the quality of your copy on the same level? Content is king, copy is queen!

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Email Marketing

We all send e-mails every day. As a result, we receive a tremendous amount of emails. So how do you make sure your e-mails stand out? Why exactly are you sending that email to that person? With the right attention and strategy, this can be one of your most valuable channels.

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Discovery advertising

Google Discovery ads are visually appealing, personalized ads that appear in Google's feeds on the YouTube app, the Google app and the Gmail app. They are designed to reach target audiences at times when they are ready to discover new products and services.

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TikTok advertising

TikTok could very quickly become the largest social media platform in the world. Due to the rapid growth of users, TikTok advertising is still quite affordable compared to its social media competitors. TikTok is an essential channel in your marketing mix to both build your brand but also to generate sales. The time to invest in TikTok advertising? Now!

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"Marketing's job is never done. It's about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day."

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It is important to employ the right marketing mix, to choose the right resources that will get you maximum ROI.

Our digital marketers are at home in various markets and know perfectly which tools to use for which business.

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