Recruitment marketing

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Are you looking for the right employee for your open position? It's certainly not easy to attract talent these days. That's why we offer a targeted solution: recruitment marketing. By combining the right employer branding with the right channels and efficient targeting, we can reach the most suitable profiles and encourage them to apply.

Targeted targeting through the right channels

We select the channels that work for your target audience. Through specific and targeted targeting based on the profile you're looking for, we reach the right people. Then we encourage them to apply to you through ads that appeal to them.

Search engine advertising

As a Google Premier Partner, we have access to all the latest and greatest features Google has to offer. We then deploy these across Google's entire network. Using search, display and video advertising, we hit all the right strings with the right applicants. Read more about SEA.

Video advertising

Video is King! That's why we are only too happy to use it to find your new employee(s). No videos at hand? No problem! Our own video experts will help you create a video that will convince applicants to send in their resume immediately. Learn more about video creation.

Social media advertising

We do not lose sight of social media. This is the channel to be seen as an attractive employer. In our mix of platforms, social media serve as branding tools to strengthen brand awareness and create more awareness. Depending on the profile you are looking for, we can use Meta (Facebook and Instagram), LinkedIn, Pinterest or TikTok. Learn more about social media advertising.

Employer branding

We will spotlight your company as an attractive place to work. We'll expose your unique qualities as an employer to all potential employees. The result: a rich flow of job applicants. Want to learn more about branding and its impact on your business? Then be sure to visit this page!

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