Shopping / Performance Max Campaigns

Directly more sales in your webshop

With shopping (meanwhile Performance Max in Google Ads) campaigns you can promote products from your webshop so that (potential) customers know what you have to offer. People searching for such a product will then see your range of products with the corresponding price. And only when these people actually click on your ad will you pay a cost-per-click amount. Shopping campaigns allow you to promote your webshop's products through various channels such as Google, Meta, etc.

Setting up Shopping / Performance Max campaigns

You don’t have to write text ads like you do for search ads in Google Shopping or Microsoft Shopping. These shopping campaigns are automatically generated using the data in your product data feed. A product data feed is a list of all the products you sell. And it’s not just any list: this list must be made in
a special format required by Google with attributes that describe your products (think spreadsheet!). Meta & Microsoft also require your products to have these attributes.

Once your product data is perfectly set-up, it can be entered into the Google Merchant Center. Meta and Microsoft Ads also offer the ability to set up shopping campaigns. Here you can also use the feed you built in Google Merchant Center. With Meta Shopping Ads, you do have the option of writing text ads with your Shopping Ads. Chinese for you? No problem, we translate everything into your favorite language and are happy to help you set up the ideal shopping campaign(s) for your business.

Of course, Smart Shopping campaigns in Google Ads are history as of September 2022. Shopping campaigns have been switched to Performance Max Campaigns.

Performance Max

Performance Max campaigns are Google's next chapter. They aim to help advertisers reach customers effectively and get better results through automation. Performance Max combines the best automation technologies in bidding, targeting, creatives and attribution to help grow conversions and drive value. You can customize ads in real-time to reach consumers with relevant and meaningful experiences at scale, regardless of the channel or device they are on.

What is Performance Max now?

It is a bit of a one-size-fits-all kind of campaign type where you can use the whole Google network in 1 campaign. When creating a performance max, you work with a combination of assets and you can use up to

  • 15 images 
  • 5 logo variants
  • 5 videos
  • 5 headlines of 30 characters
  • 5 long headlines of 90 characters
  • 5 descriptions


create. Then Google's machine learning goes to work on launching the campaign and the ads are automatically distributed across all Google platforms: Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail & Discovery. Performance Max is currently rolled out for both lead gen and E-commerce.


Performance Max campaign vs. Smart Shopping campaign?

The biggest difference between Performance Max and Smart Shopping Campaigns is that Performance Max goes much further in automation and targeting capabilities. For example, with Smart Shopping it is not possible to add audiences, with Performance Max it is. In addition, Performance Max campaigns are shown on a much wider network so you can reach many more people. With Performance Max it is also possible to add audience signals, which was not the case with Smart Shopping campaigns. Finally, you can add many more assets to Performance Max campaigns, besides your product feed.

Smart Shopping campaigns have been completely replaced by Performance Max campaigns.


Optimizing based on ROAS (ROI).

With Google Shopping Ads, there is the possibility to view reports of the most sold products in your webshop through Google Shopping campaigns. This allows us to set up specific campaigns for the top products. In addition, based on margin (cost of goods sold) we can determine which Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) we want to achieve. Products with high margins we can give a lower ROAS, products with low margins we give a higher ROAS. In this way we can guarantee that the advertising budget we put into the campaigns actually achieve a certain return on investment (ROI).

Cedric T.
Team Lead Performance

"With Shopping campaigns, you can profitably sell your products online."

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