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Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel. It is a combination of direct marketing and digital marketing, using email to promote your products or services. This marketing tool can be used primarily to make your customers aware of new items, offers or announcements, but also to generate leads, increase your brand awareness and maintain customer relationships.

Who is email marketing for?

Email marketing is of interest to every organization. For both large and small organizations, B2C or B2B companies, webshops, non-profit organizations or government agencies, every organization wishes to communicate with its target audience. Email marketing is the perfect tool for that.


Why is email marketing so popular?

You force the recipient to take a certain action: an e-mail stays in the inbox until it is read or deleted. That way the recipient has still picked up on your branding, even if they don't read the entire email. We are fans of email marketing for another reason: you build a relationship with your (potential) customers and you drive quality traffic to your website or webshop.

There are many different types of emails. Below we list some examples to give you a concrete idea of what e-mail marketing can entail:

  • Welcome emails: for example, when subscribing to the newsletter or making a first purchase on the webshop.
  • Newsletters: inform about new products, company or industry announcements, relevant information for the recipient.
  • Confirmation emails: for example, after making a purchase through an online store or registering for an event. 
  • Invitation emails: invite your customers to an event, trade show, webinar, etc.
  • Promotion and offers emails: notify your customers of promotions and discounts.
  • Seasonal emails: think Black Friday, Christmas or other high days in your industry.

Email strategy

It is very important to define your email strategy. How does email marketing fit into your business strategy and what do you want to achieve? How do you gather the right contacts? With what messages are you relevant to the target audience? Can marketing automation add value? What software aligns with this strategy? How do we ensure a strategy that meets the privacy laws? Our specialists will help you answer all these questions. On the basis of an elaborate strategy, you can reach your target group with targeted e-mails that convert. It is crucial to monitor all results afterwards. Email marketing is a continuous process of testing, analyzing and optimizing.

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Is your company ready to engage in thoughtful email marketing?

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