The message in the right words

Copywriting is writing in a certain way, writing persuasive texts that convince. The goal of copywriting? To encourage users to take a specific action and thus get further along in the marketing funnel or customer journey. Important in copywriting is the tone of voice of your company. The way Coolblue communicates and uses language is completely different from, say, a pharmaceutical company.

Copywriting: the underdog

Is copywriting the underdog? Its importance is often underestimated. The right words create recognition and trust. Awaken the right emotions. And stay top of mind.

So on what channels does copywriting matter?

To all of them! Through whatever channel you communicate, it must fit your business. Whether it's copywriting for social media, newsletters, SEA, SEO or printed leaflets, the way you communicate typifies your company. Of course, this varies by channel - a text on social media is simply different from the text of a brochure - but your company must have a clear way of communicating that fits the branding and values of your company. Copywriting helps you build a brand.


Good copywriting ensures comprehensible content.

You are probably an expert in your field yourself. Then it can be difficult to explain your product or services at a beginner's level. With good copywriting and your input, we provide clear and quality copy that is perfectly tailored to each channel and gives the target audience the right information.

Valuable content for your website.

A website is often the first chance to impress potential customers. Good copy can make content more valuable to visitors. On a website, for example, a home page is informative, while a product description is meant to encourage customers to buy the product. Read more about web development here.

Content that Google understands

SEO copywriting is writing keyword-optimized content designed to appeal to human users and search engine algorithms. That was a mouthful. Thanks to good copywriting, this complicated phrase becomes a lot clearer: SEO copywriting is writing content that Google can understand. And at the same time, that content should be the kind of content people want to read. In short, good web copy scores high in Google. Want to improve your website's SEO? Read more about our SEO approach here.

Emails and newsletters

Sending your clients newsletters? A great idea. Make sure your content is interesting and worth sending a newsletter for. Relevant content and well-written copy ensure a good click rate. Together we create valuable newsletters so you stay top of mind with your contacts. Read more about email marketing here.

Digital Marketing Specialist

"Through your texts, you are actually having a 1-on-1 conversation with your reader, with your potential customer. Make sure your content is interesting and worth sending a newsletter for."

Are you ready to grab the pen?

Do you need good copywriting for your website? Or for other channels? Or take a step back and decide on the tone of voice for your company? Contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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