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You've probably heard this abbreviation blown by before. But what exactly does it stand for? A CRM system is a Customer Relationship Management system. This system helps you manage your customer data, such as a database. In the CRM system, you can keep a structured record of interactions and notes about customers or potential customers.

A CRM system helps streamline sales, marketing, customer service, accounting and management. Multiple people within your organization can see and edit a particular customer's information.

Does your company need a CRM system?

Companies work with CRM systems for a variety of reasons, but the overall goal is to improve the customer experience and increase sales. A CRM system works for any business and industry, but providers of considered purchases and service providers especially benefit greatly. Consider jewelers, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, wholesalers, etc. Companies dealing with a long sales cycle can also benefit from a CRM system.

What else can you do with a CRM system?

If you get started with a CRM platform, you can also link marketing, sales and customer service to it. With the cloud-based platform Hubspot, you can opt for a comprehensive platform. You can keep customer data up-to-date, track every contact with customers and manage customer accounts. You can do social media posting, email marketing, marketing automation, connect online ads and more components. For example, in one platform you can track the entire route a contact has taken. You can also track all the touchpoints that there have been with your company in this. For example, clicking on an ad on Google, downloading an e-book on your website, then sales contacts the person and then sales books an appointment. This way you can map the customer journey nicely.

How can you increase conversion rates based on the customer journey?

The purpose of mapping the customer journey is mainly that you can act on it to prompt your target audience to take their next action. Did they just spend 5 minutes on your website? Let a notification go to sales that they are contacting the customer. Did they download an e-book on your website yesterday? Have a follow-up email sent automatically. Hasn't had a touch point for more than 14 days? Have an email with relevant content for this person sent automatically. This keeps you top of mind with customers and keeps the relationship warm. That way, the customer is more likely to convert.

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"A CRM system helps streamline everything within a company, but it also gives you insight into your numbers and processes."

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