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Measuring is knowing

The great advantage of digital marketing is that everything is measurable. The online behavior of your website visitors is constantly screened and every click or action is recorded. We collect all this data and determine KPIs with you to measure the success of our online marketing campaigns. Data analysis with Google Analytics (4) will help us make informed decisions. This way, we always guarantee the most efficient budget allocation and an optimal marketing mix that converts.

Data analysis with Google Analytics 4

In order to follow up on our results in the best possible way, it is important that all data comes in correctly and can be consulted. In this way, we can make optimal adjustments where necessary. The combination of GTM and Google Analytics 4 makes it possible to perform specific event tracking, to name but a few things: 

  • Mailto Clicks
  • Callto Clicks
  • Social Link Clicks
  • Outbound Link Clicks
  • Average scroll depth
  • Contact requests
  • 404 Error tracking
  • PDF downloads
  • E-commerce transactions 
  • E-commerce value
  • Etc...
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Analytics & reporting dashboard

Google Tag Manager

This free tag management service from Google will be able to save a large part of development time and makes the tracking setup accessible to marketeers and analysts.

This also means that future changes to the tracking setup can be implemented faster as this way of implementation is separate from the further development process of the website.

We are happy to take responsibility for the tracking codes. To do so, Google has a simple "preview & debugging" mode as well as a versioning system that gives us a user-friendly possibility to check their own code before putting it live.


We turn this extensive collection of data into one insightful, digital dashboard. Each client receives from us a Digitong reporting template via Google Data Studio that allows us to bring the most important figures uniformly and visually. In real time advisable by you via a secure and personalized url. We also help you further with interpreting and analyzing these figures. This can be done through follow-up meetings, reporting mails or through a channel of your choice.

Is everything clear? Then we are ready to use the insights gained to make new decisions and optimize your digital marketing. We look at what can be improved and make adjustments until every action is perfectly tuned. And of course it doesn't stop here: we continue to evaluate the data and adjust where necessary.

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"Data is the fuel and Google Analytics is the engine for Online Marketing."

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