Search Engine Advertising

You may be wondering what exactly SEA is. In that case, Google Ads & Microsoft Ads are often your best friends. Every second, Google & Microsoft process millions of search queries. You type in a search query and you are rewarded with pages full of results. But just above the most interesting organic search results are the ads first. The ideal place to stand out with your message.

What exactly is SEA?

Search Engine Advertising is paid advertising on search engines such as Google or Bing. In doing so, you can choose exactly which search terms can trigger your ad. That specific intent makes SEA a very interesting channel to advertise on. People often have a certain buying intention when they type something into Google & Microsoft. So with these search engine ads, you can reach potential customers exactly when they are looking for your service or product.

The ad can then appear above, to the right or below the organic search results. Moreover, you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad.

So SEA is a very efficient way (if used correctly) to drive more visitors and potential customers to your website. 75% of all website traffic is through search. Whether you want to increase your online sales, keep the phone ringing or trigger customers to come back, SEA helps achieve your goals. Advertising in search engines can be done through:

The Digitong Approach


We never rush. Your goals are the basis of every SEA campaign. On this basis, we determine KPIs so that we can always report clearly and make targeted adjustments. Moreover, we take a thorough look at your target group and competitors.



Based on these insights, we determine the right keywords, bidding strategy, ad groups, ad budget distribution and number of campaigns. Our SEA specialists work out a strategy that guarantees the lowest possible CPA (cost per acquisition) and maximum ROI (return on investment). Here, we like to work with an ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). That way you can know your return on ad spend.


Campaign creation & management

We will continue to coordinate and optimize your campaigns throughout the journey. Think of adding negative keywords, improving the quality score or increasing click-through ratios and conversions.



We are hugely critical of ourselves. That's why we like to chart the results of our digital efforts: ROI'S, ROAS, conversions, traffic... Chinese for you? No problem, we translate everything into your favorite language. We transform raw data into operational marketing dashboards and strategic KPI reports. By being smart about these insights, we help our clients make informed decisions for the benefit of their customers and business.

Are you up for a SEA campaign like that?

We can take care of that! We are Google Premier Partner and among the top 3% of Belgian agencies allowed to wear this badge. We are also a Microsoft Agency Partner. Digitong launches new campaigns every day. We're pretty good at it 😉 Our SEA specialists are happy to help you set up online advertising campaigns that achieve your goals.

Cedric T.
Team Lead Performance

"With the right SEA campaign structure, you can show the right ad to the right audience at the time they are looking for what you are offering."

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