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Building and maintaining a long-term relationship with (potential) customers? That is something many companies dream of. But how exactly do you do that? You might guess...relevant content is the key to success. This way, you can ensure that customers choose you and commit to your brand. But before you can create that content, you need a thread. A streamlined form of communication is essential to convey a coherent message to your target audience. And that requires a thorough plan of action. Our experts will be happy to help you develop a successful content strategy.

Together we set the lines:

1. We identify the right objectives

What do you hope to achieve with that content? Do you want more brand awareness through social media, a higher ranking in Google, bringing in as many new customers as possible or something else?

2. We determine for whom we create content

You can do this by conducting an in-depth target audience analysis. This is how you get to know your (potential) customers and how you can create messages that match their lifestyles. With the goal and target group in mind, we determine what content we link to it and on which channels we then deploy that content.

3. We then determine the different content clusters

This is where we will hang the content. For example, top topicals, seasonal, informative, entertaining, etc. These clusters are a translation of the marketing strategy and objectives.

4. We choose the most appropriate channels

Through which channels do we reach the objectives we determined in the previous steps? On which channels do we reach the target audience? How does the channel affect the message? Consider the differences between, for example social media advertising, social media content, email marketing and display ads.

5. What is the form of the message?

This can be textual, graphic, photographic, video, interactive or a combination. We decide this each time according to the channel.

Then we're all set to fly in together, create this content strategy and get it to your target audience. 

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"Content creates relationships. Relationships are based on trust. Trust creates sales."

Content what?

Good content is indispensable.

For your findability for Google, but also to put your brand on the map and also your e-commerce platform. Do you also want to score with videos, photos or an interesting blog?

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