A brand
revolves around

Just the right
strike a chord, which is
THE challenge.
People are looking for what you stand for. Branding or rebranding at Digitong means creating brands that people can identify with. Brands that are there today, but also future proof. We want to strengthen ambitious companies & projects both inside and out and grow together.

Strong brands
have personality

A strong brand is clear and says what it stands for. They confess color, show character and tell stories. They are distinctive, personal and recognizable. This allows people to connect with brands. Use brand personality as a powerful foundation for your brand or business. It is the foundation of what you stand for, the story you tell, what you portray, as well as how you address customers. Turning your brand into a personality is fundamental.

Brands with personality
are stronger

Strong brands distinguish themselves by making clear choices and leave a clear and correct impression. What it exudes. how it speaks, moves and feels. A strong brand is recognizable because it expresses itself consistently. We don't just build your brand, we lay down the rules. Choose a brand with character and establish a personal relationship with your customers.

Digitong helps with
  • Building a strong & clear brand image
  • A clear positioning
  • The definition of your distinguishing characteristics
  • A brand strategy that stands
  • A solid brand identity
  • Translating your identity into a corporate identity bible
  • A clear content strategy

Brands with personality are stronger. Give your brand a face too?

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We believe that a company can perform better when their brand connects with people in an emotionally meaningful way.


Let's Talk

We like to know who we are sitting around the table with, so we like to engage in conversation to get to know each other. Together we analyze the initial question. What are your ambitions? What challenges are you facing? And what can Digitong do for you?


A strong brand is built on a solid foundation. We gather insights through conversations & workshops. Based on the resulting analyses and strategic insights, we determine the direction of your brand.


Together with you, we translate the strategy into a solid concept. We create a coherent whole through strong and appealing designs with a powerful story. Of course with a clear message.


We bring your brand to life through activation and/or various communication tools. In this phase, we realize all expressions of the brand. Offline and online.

Evaluation & development

Your brand is there. This is only the beginning. Time to grow together, but also to keep moving yourself and to remain relevant for now and tomorrow. Evaluation and optimisation are an integral part of our plan of action.

For us, positioning is
of a brand the combination of behavior, message & look and feel.

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Building a brand with personality together?

Digitong works with you to get to the core of your brand. We take your brand identity, tell your story and visualize it. That way, we put your brand in the market with its personality.

Strategic Brand Designer

"For us, positioning a brand is the combination of behavior, message & look-and-feel."