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Case: Vandersanden Lawyers - Ranking higher in Google with SEO

Vandersanden Lawyers is a family office in Bilzen with expertise in liability law, traffic, insurance law and debt collection.


The objective of Vandersanden Lawyers  was to increase organic traffic to the website by ranking higher in Google. Thus, they want to create more (brand) awareness in the region and directly generate more clients. 


We started with a SEO audit that was tailored to their goals. Out of this customized SEO Audit came soon a lot of issues emerged from that. We divided the issues into quick win issues and long term issues. So we addressed the quick win issues immediately to improve the SEO score. For the long term issues that came out of the SEO audit, we developed a strategy that emphasized the expertise and know-how of Vandersanden and the flow of the website. In this way, we were able to emphasize Vandersanden's E-E-A-T and give the user a more positive experience. 


Both Digitong and Vandersanden were very satisfied with the results. Not only did we see a 27% growth in organic traffic, but we also noticed that users visit more pages and stay longer on the website. Because we adjusted the website flow, there is more interaction with the other pages, which in turn has a positive influence on the SEO score of the website.

After the SEO optimization, Vandersanden achieved an SEO score of 100 and just about all the issues that negatively affect the SEO score have been eliminated. This also increased their domain authority (their presence on Google) by 5 points. 


So by focusing on the quick wins and rolling out a long-term strategy, we succeeded in getting Vandersanden to rank higher, generating more traffic to the website. Their overall SEO has improved and their presence in Google is greater.


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A combo of quick wins and a long-term strategy ensure higher rankings and thus more traffic