Notary clerks Basoche

The National Professional Association of Notary Publics.

Case: Notary Clerks - Basoche

Notary Clerks Basoche is a non-profit professional association of notary staff. The association has more than 1,000 members and provides training for Notaries and their staff. Each province has a section with a national board and they organize an annual congress.


Because the previous website of Notary Clerks Basoche was causing more work than it really should save, they were urgently looking for a solution. Payments were stalling, visitors or members were having trouble registering or becoming members. The UI/UX was hopelessly outdated, and since we have a language border in Belgium, the site also had to be "perfectly" bilingual.
In short, there was an urgent need for a solution that could meet these needs!

  • Simple registration process
  • Bilingual website


Because the board had limited technical knowledge, we were challenged to transform their story and expectations into a technical analysis. After an exploratory conversation and targeted questions we got a clear picture of the direction they wanted to go, a wireframe and homepage design could be worked out in a short time. In this design, it also became immediately clear to Notary Clerks Basoche how we could approach the rest of the website.

After a design phase, the first technical functionalities were developed. A comprehensive registration platform was developed, each with their rights and role patterns based on functions within the notary's office.

Results & conclusion

We delivered a complete redesign with improved UX/UI allowing new members to easily register and participate in activities. Back-end a fully automated system was provided allowing them total control over all new members and their rights within the website.

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