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Case: Vespatoerist - evolution to online marketing

Vespatoerist is a vespa rental service in Tongeren. In addition to their Vespas, they also offer a wide range of scenic routes in and around Haspengouw. Before they came knocking on our door, the rental service had no online ads. To stay ahead of the competition, they chose Digitong as their online marketing partner.

Discover how we were able to build a success story with Vespatoerist in this case study.


  • Getting more reservations
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Specific monthly rental targets


How do we get more people on the vespa? Performance advertising, of course! By applying a clever combination of display-, video- and search advertising, we tried to reach a broad but relevant target audience. Because we also placed importance on brand awareness, we also placed the focus in the campaigns on the brand name.

To closely monitor the results, we have the new Google Analytics 4 property for Vespatoerist completely to the point. This allowed us to accurately track who was visiting the website and thus set up more relevant targeting for our ads.


  • +40% increase in searches for Vespatoerist
  • More than 50% of total web traffic came through Google Ads
  • 25% more reservations than our targets


Unfortunately, even we people don't get warm to book a vesper route in the cold fall and winter months. Therefore, we are putting the ads on pause and our bikes back to thinking. We are already starting to plan how to shift the performance up a gear in the coming vespa season.


Our goal was to achieve strong results in the short term, and to provide clear feedback to our client. By setting up clear targeting, strong ads and correct tracking, we were able to achieve this.

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